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    Post by manofXtreme on 01.06.14 20:35

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    Once again, the E3 2014 is very close. It takes place 9th June 2014 starting with the press conferences where the biggest publishers like Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft and EA announce their newest games.
    That means our beloved Sony Bend studio is maybe finally announcing their new PS4 or PS Vita title.
    We have no idea what game Sony Bend will present us, it can be any game. If we're lucky, it will be a new Syphon Filter title.
    And after the press conferences, from 10-12th June, the exhibition takes place.

    To all members:
    For these 4 days, this site will turn into a Streaming-Site + chat!
    Please be here 9th July for the press conferences! Especially for Sony's presentation because they could possibly announce Bend's new title (maybe Syphon Filter 4).
    If you visit this site even one day before, you can watch the schedule to see when exactly Sony's presentation starts to watch them live here.

    Please also note that the coming streaming-site is only optimized for the browser Google Chrome.
    You can download Google Chrome HERE.
    Google Chrome is by far the best browser so switching to that browser can only be better anyways.

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