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    Game that are similar to Syphon Filter


    Game that are similar to Syphon Filter Empty Game that are similar to Syphon Filter

    Post by SpeciaaaaalFx on 25.11.14 22:04

    Hey guys here is my personal list of games that remind me and are quite similar to sf:
    1) splinter cell blacklist, this game is awesum i think its the best for ps3. Its a mix of stealth action and its very very similar to syphon in particular headshots are the real way to win a match like in syphon, body shoots dont hurts toomuch... its a pro game but you cant browse servers :(
    2)metal gear solid, its similar but has a different kind of visual because you can watch all around the player without moving... that good game but alot difficult online due to aim bots and lag switchers.
    Thats all ahah

    Game that are similar to Syphon Filter Empty Re: Game that are similar to Syphon Filter

    Post by dalton889 on 14.11.15 20:56

    I can't think of a game that looks or feels like Syphon Filter.This is why Syphon Filter is truly missed.We haven't anything close to it. From the above games you've mentioned,I believe that Splinter Cell is closer to SF but still its way diffrent (for me at least). The only connection I had with Splinter Cell was "ages" ago when my big brother had it on xbox(not the 360).

    Metal gear solid is a cool game,especially in psp,it was one of the games that I was playing ad-hoc with my real life peeps.Completely diffrent than SF style though.

    I really can't find a game that would satisfy us,and devote some time together.Things have changed in my life,and propably in anyone's life in here.But I would die to live these days when we were playing fusion maps (eg. Le Monde Perdu) and killing each others with flags. I just loved these moments. Wasn't expecting that it would end so quickly :(

    Maybe the rest can suggest other games.I just haven't any game to suggest at the moment xD

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