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    Hideo Kojima and Syphon Filter


    Hideo Kojima and Syphon Filter Empty Hideo Kojima and Syphon Filter

    Post by manofXtreme on 30.01.17 23:04

    Ever seen this picture?

    Hideo Kojima and Syphon Filter Fc102d0556

    You might have seen this picture last year where the living legend Hideo Kojima has visited the studio at Sony Bend. He also went to some other sony owned studios. The goal in his trip was mainly to get an insight into the new technologies the other studios are using and Kojima needed some ideas for his next project. Of course he was alowed to visit them since he's currently working with Sony.

    Now if you see this picture, I automatically have to think about the combination of Hideo Kojima and Syphon Filter. Don't you think the same? Hideo Kojima loves making 3rd person shooters and he absolutely loves stealth action games. Syphon Filter is exactly about that!! We know that "Death Stranding" is Kojima's next PS4 title, but what title will he be working on after that? Sony does not seem to be interested in Syphon Filter in the near future so just the idea of Hideo Kojima making a new Syphon Filter title is awesome! He does no longer work for Konami, he's absolutely free now and can start making any game he wants. I'd even love to see a completely new IP from Kojima that is mainly about 3rd person shooter and stealth.

    You see Hideo Kojima so close to Syphon Filter and just think for yourself "Come on Hideo, grab it! Grab it! it's right infront of you!" haha However... thinking about it is very interesting.

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    Hideo Kojima and Syphon Filter Empty Re: Hideo Kojima and Syphon Filter

    Post by dalton889 on 22.02.17 17:19

    I've seen that picture around year ago plus. It would be a best seller if they make a Syphon Filter videogame.

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