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If you are still in touch with the old Syphon Filter players, please, make sure to tell them about this site, thanks.


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    SF-Community Briefing.


    SF-Community Briefing. Empty SF-Community Briefing.

    Post by SF-Community on 22.07.12 19:29

    SF-Community Briefing. To_the11

    Dear Syphon Filter players,

    on January 23th 2012, Sony Bend has shut down Syphon Filter European servers.
    Subsequently, after six months, on July 27th 2012 also the American servers have been finally closed. This is not due to a technical problem and it's not a temporary situation: as you can check out by yourself they removed Combat OPS from the PlayStation Store.
    Since there were no SF games whose servers were still active we decided to contact Sony Bend asking for an explanation. They answered with this e-mail:

    Dear SF-Community,

    Unfortunately Syphon Filter Servers have been shut down permanently.
    The official statements can be found here:
    and here:

    Christopher Reese
    Director, Product Development
    Bend Studio
    Sony Computer Entertainment America

    Before it was too late, on July 19th 2012, we decided to found the SF-Community.
    With the creation of this site, our intention was to create a hangout that could keep the community alive and serve at the same time as meeting place for all the old SF players who have loved this game and still care about it.
    Syphon Filter had a unique charm that no other online shooter has and for many of us these games are something irreplaceable. We all made online friends thanks to Syphon Filter, friendships that we have kept in touch over the years. Many of us have got new games, many of us have got new consoles, many of us have found new hobbies but for some reason after all these years we have found ourselves constantly coming back to Syphon Filter. I think that is saying something.
    Everyone that played Syphon Filter agreed that they had by far the best online experience on a PSP game but for many of us these games are some of the best online shooters on any platform: there is simply no other game that rewards you in the same way as Syphon Filter, providing at the same time its amazing community.

    Thankfully each Syphon Filter game for PSP is provided with two multiplayer modes: Infrastructure and Ad-Hoc.
    Infrastructure mode is no longer active, so the only way to play SF online is exploiting Ad-Hoc. In order to do this we have found two methods.
    The first one consists in using "Ad-Hoc Party", a special application that you can download for free on Playstation Store. However in order to play online using "Ad-Hoc Party" you also need a Playstation 3 and a wired internet connection.
    The second method is currently under development and is based on PRO-C Custom Firmware. PRO-C is a particular PSP update that turns the Ad-Hoc mode of certain supported games in a sort of infrastructure modality allowing people from all over the world to play together online.
    More information on how to play Syphon Filter online can be found in "The Agency" section.

    Always on this site you can find the complete Syphon Filter PSP game trilogy: SF: Dark Mirror (Multiplayer), SF: Logan's Shadow (Multiplayer) and SF: Combat OPS. All three games are available for free in our "Download" section as "cso" games.
    However, in order to run "cso" games, your PSP must have a Custom Firmware. A Custom Firmware (CF) is basically a special software update for your PSP that allows you to perform extra features such as running "cso" games, enabling plugins and adding various additional functions. Installing Custom Firmware on your PSP is extremely easy and the whole installation process only takes a few minutes. On this site you can find a short tutorial written to explain step by step how to get Custom Firmware on your PSP.
    Once you have completed the installation you can download Dark Mirror, Logan's shadow & Combat OPS and play Syphon Filter again!

    We sincerely hope this will help you.



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