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Happy New Year! Pup_up10
If you are still in touch with the old Syphon Filter players, please, make sure to tell them about this site, thanks.


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    Happy New Year!


    Happy New Year! Empty Happy New Year!

    Post by manofXtreme on 30.12.13 11:25

    Yo everyone!

    Hope you had a nice year 2013.
    2014 is right infront of the door and I wish you a happy New Year!
    SF-Community has been growing to 132 SF-members from the server shut downs til now. I hope, we can get more SF-people here to this Community site to make it more alive.

    Sony Bend Studio (developer of all Syphon Filter games) are currently working on a PS-Vita game which will 100% have multiplayer. They are also working on a PS4-Title. What game will it be?
    We will know soon. 2014 is a big year for us Syphon Filter fans. If Bend's PS-Vita game isn't a new Syphon Filter, it's not really bad, let's just hope its multiplayer-mode has the same features as SFDM, SFLS and SFCO had.

    There's many news coming guys so keep coming here to get informed of them and talk about it.
    I will soon post a topic, telling about the current situation and all current informations about Sony Bend and the chance for a new Syphon Filter game.

    It would also be great to have you guys here on the chat. There are still some active SF-ppl here so try to visit this site sometimes and get on the chat or have a look at the forums and participate in the discussions, polls, etc ;)
    That's what this SF-Community is made for! Stay in contact and keep the funny conversations we had in SFDM, SFLS and SFCO going.

    Cya soon agents! :)

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    Happy New Year! Empty Re: Happy New Year!

    Post by cocobeanz on 11.01.14 20:04

    Happy New year everyone! Sorry I haven't been around. Life has been hectic lately! Hope you all had a banging New Years. Any wild stories to share? My new years was kinda crap compared to the year before when I went to 3 different parties all over town and came home at 8 the next morning with a bottle of southern comfort and a pack of cheese xD long story - my mum was like WTF. Anyway this year I just went to a few bars and ended up pulling my friend Emma who now has a boyfriend.......who I know and who's a really nice guy so uh yeah bad night. Was good before that though went to a mates house for a few drinks and doobs before we hit town, that was nice. Also had a shot of his xbox one - it was fucking crap don't buy one. Not much else to say expect that I saw some wasted 40 year old lady squat down in the middle of the street and take a piss hahaha not a pretty sight. I'm sure you guys had a much better New Years.

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