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    The Petition

    Wild Card

    The Petition

    Post by Wild Card on 15.12.12 6:51

    We got over ten supporters today :)

    I have come up with a problem. Our names, the names we are posting on the petition are mixes of our PSN names, and our real names, or just our PSN names. This is a problem. If we get as much as 100 signers, Sony could possibly say that those signatures we fakes, or that they did not count. Its ok now, but please DO NOT CONTINUE DOING THAT.

    In other news, i have come up with new ways to get signatures.
    Get your family to sign it
    Get your friends to sign it
    Chain mail the petition link
    post it on other related, and non related forums

      Current date/time is 21.07.18 16:39